Rachael Ray Lasagna Pans Review

Why Rachael Ray Lasagna Pans Are the Best for Any Lasagna Lover

Rachael Ray.

We all know her from the shows and books. She’s a household name all over the world, bearing a great reputation as a cook as well as a daytime lifestyle show host.

Through the years of watching Rachael’s shows, I have gained an abundance of knowledge on different cooking techniques, recipes, and ideas. One description tends to stand strong when you think of Rachael Ray – This lady definitely knows her stuff!

That’s why, when I found out that the cooking queen herself started making her own line of cookware, I HAD to be one of the first to check it out!

When I started doing research, I wasn’t surprised to find out that several of her offerings include lasagna pans, and it I’m even less surprised at the excellent reviews regarding the quality of the pans. If you’re looking for some of the best lasagna pans available on the market, Rachael Ray has you covered.

Why Should Believe Me When I Say Rachael Ray Is The Best?

Rachael Ray pan with lidIt’s at this point that I would have followed that statement with something corny like, “You shouldn’t take my word for it. Instead, you should take the pan and try it out for yourself if you don’t believe the hype.”

That would just be the usual sales drivel but I can tell you this, in the same amazing way Rachel Ray makes her food is the same amazing way this pan.

There are a number of Rachel Ray lasagna pans reviews out there, but this would be the best you’d come across.


The Design

It’s not uncommon to find baking pans and tins that are usually boxy with drab colors. In fact, that’s a feature of a professional kitchen where the rules of gastronomy dictate that tools should fit into each other. While that works for a professional setting, using it at home is just, for lack of a better word, meh!

One of my favorite Rachel Ray lasagna pans right below moves away from the boxy designs and adds lovely curves to the design of the pan. As the curves rise up away from the pan, that left space for handle notches to be made into the pan. With your oven mitts, they handle better and more natural in comparison to the boxy stuff.


Rachael Ray Ceramics Lasagna Pan – 9 Inch x 13 Inch, Red

Rachael Ray Ceramics Lasagna Pan - 9 Inch x 13 Inch, Red



And that’s not all, the usual function over form basic pans are usually in drab colors, from your different shades of grey to black, and some with a white lining on the inside. While this may add some variety, it doesn’t really bring any visual interest.

Rachel Ray decided that in the same way she adds color to an otherwise drab culinary space, so should one of my other favorite pans below this. The form has already taken shape to something easier to handle, why not add visual interest by going with a different color?


Rachael Ray Collection Stoneware Baker, 9-Inch x 13-Inch, Turquoise

Rachael Ray Collection Stoneware Baker, 9-Inch x 13-Inch, Turquoise


Well, the color they chose for these pans is a deep red, and a lovely turquoise and saying that they’re popping is an understatement. These would be the pans that you’d use to present your lasagna in whenever you are holding book club or wine tasting night. Everyone will be wowed by the panache that these pans add to your table.


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